Editorial Policy

The goal of SupplyChainOpz is to bring you the most accurate information about supply chain management from the scientific body of knowledge. The list below details the content policies we use,

1. Qualifications of the Authors
Unless otherwise stated in each article, the contents are written by Ben Benjabutr. He holds a master's degree in logistics management.

Guest commentary or guest post style contents are written by leading experts such as professors and consultants in supply chain management and related fields. Each guest commentary or guest post will provide the link to the author profile page on the external sites for your reference.

We never and will never publish 3rd party contents from people without proper education and/or experience in the field.

2. Purpose of Contents
The purpose of contents on our site is to provide the general overview of each topic in an easy-to-read manner. However, the contents are not intended to replace formal education/training and expertise you usually obtain from the qualified consultants.

3. Attribution
We always obtain information from books and scientific articles to produce the original contents. The references are clearly provided at the bottom of each article. In case you find that we use your ideas without proper attribution, please contact us via e-mail so we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Guest commentary or guest post is from the opinion of each author so it will be marked as "Opinion Piece" in the article title. Guest commentary or guest post may or may not cite any reference.

4. Justifiability
When our contents involve the “rankings” of books, websites, people, products and companies, the ranking methodology and related metrics will be provided in the article. This kind of article doesn't constitute the endorsement. The readers need to use their own judgment about the quality, benefits or performance of books, websites, people, products and companies.

5. Transparency
The contact information is available throughout the website at the top navigation bar. In case you have questions about our articles, you can contact us for further clarification.

6. Advertising Policy
Our site doesn't currently use the banner advertising or display advertising. In case we decide to change the direction on this policy, the privacy policy will be updated to reflect this change.

7. Financial Disclosure
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Last review and update: September 23, 2018
All contents are written by Ben Benjabutr unless marked as [Guest Commentary]

About the Author and Editor:
Ben Benjabutr is the author and editor of SupplyChainOpz. He holds an M.Sc. in Logistics Management with 10+ years of experience in supply chain management. You can contact him via e-mail.