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Finding the Best PMP Book

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Theoretical Background and Definition

- What is Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

- Unveiling the Future of Logistics Industry

- History of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

- What is Procurement? Definition and Meaning

- What is Inventory Control? Definition and Meaning

Guest Commentary

- 7 Key Factors for the Success of Inventory Optimization Initiative

- Adventures in Forecasting in the Supply Chain

- Sales & Operations Planning: What's in that Speical Sauce?

- The Big Date: Characteristics of Supply Chain Excellence

- Making Sense of New Data in the Supply Chain

- Expert Reveals 7 Supply Chain Trends to Watch

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- Implementing RFID for Manufacturing Visibility: A Case Study

- Experts Reveal How to Land Dream Supply Chain Jobs

Supply Chain Planning

- 7 Myths of Supply Chain Management Busted!

- 7 Reasons Why You Need Supply Chain Planning Software

- 7 Supply Chain Metrics To Avoid Before It's Too Late!

- 7 Principles of Supply Chain Management Explained

Case Studies

- 7 Supply Chain Lessons from Apple and Steve Jobs (Apple)

- 7 Traits of Great Supply Chain Leader: A Case of Tim Cook (Apple)

- Is Apple Supply Chain Really the Number 1? (Apple)

- 7 Supply Chain Transformations @Samsung (Samsung)

- 7 Supply Chain Lessons from Lenovo (Lenovo)

- Surviving Supply Chain Disruptions: A Cisco Case Study (Cisco System)

- 7 Supply Chain Lessons from Amazon (Amazon)

- 7 Supply Chain Lessons from Alibaba Founder Jack Ma (Alibaba)

- 7 Rules of Fashion Supply Chain (Zara Case Study) (Zara)

- 7 Principles of Awesome Service Supply Chain at Zappos (Zappos)

- 7 Value Engineering Lessons from SpaceX Supply Chain (SpaceX)

- 7 Deadly Sins of SCM System Implementation at US Navy (ERP Case Study)

- Supply Chain Case Study - the Executive's Guide (30 Mini Case Studies)

Supply Chain Strategy and Analysis

- What is Supply Chain Strategy Formulation?

- What is Value Chain Analysis? Definition, Model & Example

- What is Kraljic Matrix? Definition, Model & Example

- Supply Chain Maturity Model for Capability Assessment

- SCOR Model for Supply Chain Improvement

- What is SKU, SKU Rationalization and SKU Optimization?

- 7 Ways to "Trump" Competition Using Agile Supply Chain

- Supply Chain Mapping: the How-to Guide with Examples

- 6 Green Supply Chain Analysis You Should Use Immediately

- 7 Supply Chain Visibility Tips That Might Surprise You

- Supply Chain Integration: Definition, Model and Examples

- How to Use Kano Model for Requirement Assessment

Transportation Management

- 7 Factors of Solid Supply Chain Network Design

- 5 Steps to Productive Use of Reverse Logistics Program

Supply Chain Education and Career

- Executive Guide to Supply Chain Research

- 7 Habits of Highly Effective Supply Chain Manager

- What Does a Supply Chain Manager Do? A Day in the Life

- Book Review: Supply Chain Transformation by J. Paul Dittmann

- Book Review: Logistics Clusters by Yossi Sheffi

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- Introducing Supply Chain Power Influencers on Twitter

- SCM Global 100: Best Supply Chain Blogs in the World

- Supply Chain Power 50: Best Supply Chain Blogs of 2014

- Streamline Supply Chain Using Social Media

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