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This site is managed and maintained by Ben Benjabutr. He holds an M.Sc. in logistics management with 10+ years of experience in various functions in supply chain management such as procurement, new product development, international business, business process analysis, and demand management.

Our Mission
- The inspiration to create this site is to try to narrow the gap between theories and actual business practices.

- We present theory in a practical and reader-friendly manner.

- We provide readers with the unbiased information on supply chain management concepts, techniques and case studies that you can readily apply to your work.

We have been blogging about supply chain management for almost 8 years now and the list below is something we are very proud of,

- So far we have got about 60 citations from reputable websites, books, technical papers, scientific articles, conference proceedings, dissertations and theses (more details down below.)

- We are so proud that many academic institutes use our content in classes and their e-learning platforms.

- World's leading companies also share our contents to their team members.

- Ben has been one of the top writers in supply chain management related topics on Quora.com

- Our site traffic has always been among the top supply chain management blogs internationally.

Selected Citations
This section will show you the list of citations we obtain based on the category of each publication. Don't forget to check back this section to see more media coverage, news and thought leadership from time to time.


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Journal Article

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About the Author and Editor:
Ben Benjabutr is the author and editor of SupplyChainOpz. He holds an M.Sc. in Logistics Management with 10+ years of experience in supply chain management. You can connect with Ben via Twitter, and Quora or drop him a line via e-mail.