5 Best Logistics Books to Keep Within Reach

Are you looking for some books on logistics to read? In this article, we'll show you the 5 books that will help you learn faster than any other logistics books.

Finding the Best Logistics Books

In the United States, the median wage for a Logistics Manager is around $70,000 annually. So, a career in logistics management can be very lucrative if you have a career plan and keep on developing yourself. However, most logistics managers will have to spend some years in various functions to gain cross-functional knowledge. 

To provide recommendations for books on logistics for your career advancement, we use various ranking factors and the results are as below:

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Best Logistics Books are as below:

How We Rank Logistics Books

First, we collect the name of the books that appear on Amazon.com. Then, we use these criteria to rank the books on logistics,

- Practicality: we check if each book is practical enough for our readers like "beginners", "college students" and "analysts".

- Relevancy: we look closely at how the books on logistics can provide basic concepts and strategies of the "Integrated Logistics Functions", namely, customer service, purchasing, production planning, warehousing, and transportation in a clear and concise manner.

- Difficulty: we try to shy away from the math-heavy books on logistics as much as possible. Because, from our own experience, math like linear programming or optimization doesn't work the way people think they are.

- Author Credentials: we check the knowledge and experience of the author of each book to ensure that they are the experts in this field.

- Editorial Decision: we carefully review each book and the final 5 are selected based on the editorial opinion.

Finally, we rank the books on logistics based on the total score.

Do you like logistics books on this list?


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