7 Best Supply Chain Books of All Time

In this article, a supply chain management professional will rank books based on practicality and popularity and present the list of 7 best supply chain books.

Finding the Best Supply Chain Books

We've found that most recommendations for on the web are based on just personal opinion. In the publishing industry, Nielsen BookScan is the most widely used database for a book ranking method. In short, Nielsen provides the point of sales data from various retail outlets and gross sales quantity will be summarized. Anyway, access to this database costs an arm and a leg. Therefore, the challenge to establish the ranking method is to find a more economical data source and unbiased metrics.

We're sure some of you've been using Google Scholar to find related publications. As you may notice, the search results will always show a number of citations or how many times each publication is referred to by other publications. Based on this information, the ranking of 7 best supply chain management books of all time can be identified as below,

- We perform the search queries in Google Scholar.

- About 1,000 search results are displayed.

- Only supply chain management books visible in Google Scholar are qualified.

- A number of citations of the supply chain management books are collected. The reason the citation count is used to determine the impact of the books is so simple. The content is good then people refer to it often (number of citations are also used to measure the importance of journal articles aka Impact Factor.)

- In case of newer supply chain management books, we use Amazon Sales Rank or award/endorsement from authority figures in the supply chain industry to determine the books' performance.

- We also check how well each book performs by looking into WorldCat Library System. What we see is that librarian staffs tend to buy shorter textbooks more than standard textbooks. The assumption behind this is that college students will buy textbooks anyway so there is no need to have a copy in the library.

- If the particular books have more than one record, only a record from the most current or most cited editions will be selected.

- Only highly relevant books about the fundamentals of supply chain management will be listed. Books discuss algorithms for supply chain network design extensively are not included here. A book like "The Supply Chain Revolution: Innovative Sourcing and Logistics for a Fiercely Competitive World" is not included here because we believe it's a book about logistics management. A book like
"Manufacturing Planning and Control for Supply Chain Management" is not included either because we believe it is geared towards production planning and control.

- Obsolete and out-of-print books are not included. The reason we use "year of publications" as a criterion is because we would like our readers to read up-to-date supply chain case studies from the book. So we remove the book "Designing and Managing the Supply Chain" by David Simchi-Levi from the list because it was published back in 2007. Anyway, we will reinclude this book when the new edition is available.

- The editor's decision is used to finalize the list of the best supply chain management books.

- The links below are #paid links.

Best Supply Chain Books are as below:

  1. Supply Chain Management For Dummies

  2. The New (Ab)Normal: Reshaping Business and Supply Chain Strategy Beyond Covid-19

  3. Essentials of Supply Chain Management

  4. Strategic Supply Chain Management: The Five Core Disciplines for Top Performance

  5. Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  6. Logistics Management and Strategy: Competing through the Supply Chain

  7. Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operation

Do you like supply chain books on this list?


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Last review and update: September 11, 2021
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