7 Best Team Building Books Ever Written

Are you trying to build a dream team? We will show books that inspire CEOs and business leaders which are considered to be the best team building books to read.

Do You Need Team Building Books?

Team building has become an integral part of the company's success. To build strong products and customer services, a team leader needs a great team who understands the customer's requirement, execute the process flawlessly and solve after-sales issues timely. This requires a lot of synchronization of operations inside the company.

According to some books, many companies try to reduce cost by utilizing freelancers and remote workers to help to fill the talent gap. Then, team building and communication is becoming more and more important nowadays.

Team building tries to enhance various knowledge and skills such as target setting (goal setting), laws of teamwork, team building activities (team development activities), effective communication, collective decision-making, team empowerment, networking, emotional intelligence, change management or even effective presentation.

The benefits of team building are huge, but it tends to be softer benefits that cannot be expressed in monetary term easily. Such benefits include more flexibility in business process change, better performance across various key performance indicators, lower labor costs or lower man-hours used to complete regular tasks. All of these benefits will lead to better customer retention.

Team Building Books Ranking

One of our regular readers is recently promoted to a managerial position. So, he needs to learn how to supervise, delegate, communicate and manage a small team consisting of 10 staffs. He asks us to recommend a book that he can use to develop a dream team right away. In order to come up with the list of best books on team building, we collect data as below,

- Firstly, we build the list of books from the best-selling data on Amazon.com in 5 book categories, namely, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Team Building, Training and Organizational Change.

- Secondly, we also gather the list of books in a related field which is available on Goodreads.com.

- After that, we combine 2 data sources into one and we remove duplicate entries from the list.

- In order to determine the practicality of the books we are going to recommend, we check if they got positive reviews on Amazon.com. Numbers of 3-star rating or more are used to identify top books to recommend.

- We also check if each book also gets positive reviews on Goodreads.com. We only include books with the average 3-star rating or more to our list.

- Also, we check if each book gets the endorsements or testimonials by CEOs, international business leaders and team-building experts in various industries. We check major news sites and business blogs to find the endorsement and mention.

- We also check the endorsements and testimonials mentioned inside each book (by the book author.)

- After that, we combine the composite score, namely, review rating on Amazon.com + review rating on Goodreads.com + the number of endorsements to rank the book.

- Lastly, we use editorial judgment to make a final cut of the books we would like to recommend.

Best Team Building Books are as below:

Quick Team-Building Activities for Busy Managers: 50 Exercises That Get Results in Just 15 Minutes by Brian Cole Miller

Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World by Stanley McChrystal and Tantum Collins

Do you like the team building books on this list?

- Ambrosini, V., Bowman, C., & Burton-Taylor, S. (2007). Inter-team coordination activities as a source of customer satisfaction. Human relations, 60(1), 59-98.

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