Finding the Best PMP Book of All Time

Planning to take the PMP exam and looking for the best pmp prep book? We will compare 4 major exam prep and show you which one is the best PMP book.

Finding the Best PMP Book

Many Fortune 500 companies are requesting that project managers have PMP certification. The reason the PMP certification is held in high regard is that there are several requirements besides passing a test to get this designation. Employers want assurances that project managers know what they are doing and this designation gives them that comfort level. In this section, we will provide you with the general characteristics of a good pmp prep book as below,

It's considered the gold standard of PMP exam. In our opinion, this pmp prep book has lots of text so some readers may find it difficult to read. However, This book provides you with good sample questions and exercises that follow the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). The exam tips are also useful. Our comment is that it's good if your main focus is to take a PMP exam.

The good point of this book is that it's easier to read (when compared with Rita's book). It's very well-structured and complex concepts are explained very well. Glossary section is useful, however, questions are a bit on the easy side. Our comment is that it's a well-rounded book.

If you are a visual learner, you will find this book super easy to digest because there are a lot of diagrams and illustrations. The exercises at the middle of each chapter are to ensure that you understand the concepts every step of the way. Our comment is that it's an easy-to-read book for beginners.

This book uses the case study method to teach project management knowledge. If you love case studies, you will find this book easy to read. However, it explains concepts by project management processes instead of knowledge areas as in PMBOK. Our comment is that it's the best book for executive levels.

Top 4 Best PMP Books Compared

Since each pmp prep book has both pros and cons, we believe it is necessary to compare them in a systematic manner as below,

- First, we determine the quality of each pmp prep book by using citation analysis. Citation count tells you how many times the book used as a reference by other publications.

- Then, we determine the influence of the author. The influential author should have many books cited. From our perspective, the author who writes 10 books but only has one successful book is not considered the influential author. To track the influence of each author, we use the metric called H-Index.

- After that, we determine how much each book is used. We check how many copies of each book are stored in the libraries worldwide. To track the number of copies, we use the WorldCat database.

- Finally, we pick the best pmp prep book. The one we pick is actually quite popular because it's easy to read.

Do you think this is the best PMP Book on this list and why?

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