7 Best Project Management Books of All Time

In this article, we find the best project management book by evaluating top-rated books and the result is the list of best project management books of all time.

In Search of the Best Project Management Books
Jeff Varney, Senior Adviser of American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) thinks that the best project management book should be something simple. Because some project management professionals make project management harder than it has to be. To provide project management book recommendations,

- We gather the list of book recommendations from related project management sites.

- Then, we do data cleansing. We merge the lists from 10 websites and find that there are 130 entries in total.

- After that, we remove duplicate entries, the unique entries now come down to 80 entries. We also remove general management books from the list because we think they belong to the different genre. The list of project management book only is now 40 entries.

- The next step is to do citation analysis as below,

Citation Counts

- Citation analysis is the process to determine how many times each project management book is cited by other publications. The more citation counts, the more influential the book is.

- As you can see from the above example, one of the most highly recommended books by top management thinker like Peter Drucker got only 49 citation counts. Then, citation analysis is a very powerful way to determine how good each book really is.

- We check citation counts of each book, record the data and sort the list to find 7 most cited project management books to recommend.

7 Best Project Management Books of All Time are as below:

Do you like these project management books and why?