7 Best Inventory Management Books to Keep Within Reach

What inventory books can help you to cut inventory costs? In this article, we will show you 7 best inventory books that readers at all levels can learn from.

In Search of the Best Inventory Management Books
Many people think inventory management is a clerical task but they're absolutely wrong. Effective control of inventory requires a broad spectrum of knowledge.

To provide readers with the list of the best inventory books that they can use to create positive change in their organizations, we've conducted a data collection as below,

- Firstly, we pull out the list of inventory books from Amazon.com to ensure that we get the best books on the market.

- Secondly, We've conducted a literature survey and found 7 types of inventory books as below,

1. Basic Inventory Control: deals with basic knowledge of inventory management.

2. Inventory Accuracy: focuses on how to manage and reconcile the difference between inventory record in the computer system and actual inventory in a warehouse.

3. Inventory Strategy: how to formulate a sound inventory management strategy that balances cost versus service level.

4. Material Management: how to manage inventory in the manufacturing environment.

5. Warehouse & Material Handling: the good flow of materials inside a warehouse is crucial for modern inventory management.

6. Warehouse Safety: this subject has become more and more important due to labor and regulatory issues.

7. Distribution Management: deals with the delivery of finished products inventory to end customers.

- Thirdly, we conduct citation analysis for each book. Citation count is a metric we use to separate great inventory books from their peers

- Lastly, we carefully examine each inventory book and make a final cut

In short, we establish a data collection plan and books are categorized by topics. Then, we use the objective evaluation using citation count as a metric.