7 Best Lean Books of All Time

We rank lean books based on the type of tools, overall popularity, industry awards and executive endorsements to find the best lean books of all time you can trust.

In Search of the Best Lean Books
Lean manufacturing concept has been adopted by companies of all sizes in virtually all industries. It's the result of a 5-year study about the Toyota Production System conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). To recommend lean books to read,

- First, we search for books on Amazon.com, Goodreads.com, LinkedIn.com, News Sites and blogs related lean manufacturing. The idea is to check how often each book is mentioned to determine overall popularity.

- Then, we check if each book gets positive reviews or industry awards

- After that, we check if each book gets strong endorsements from authority figures such as CEOs of lean organizations and CEO of Fortune 500 on Amazon.com and in the "forward" section of each book.

- We group lean books based on the most important lean tools according to the article "Lean Implementation and Organizational Transformation: A Literature Review" by Yadav et al.

- Finally, we remove out-of-print and obsolete lean books from the final list.

Do you think these lean books deserve the place on your bookshelves and why?