SCM Global 100: Best Supply Chain Blogs in the World

Managing the flow of materials and information on supply chain has been a business challenge for years. Since business environment is dynamic and many issues change quickly, you need the reliable resources to keep you informed so you can make sound business decisions and stay on top of the game. In this article, we will show you some outstanding resources that will help you streamline your supply chain operations.

Last year, we created the list of top 50 supply chain blogs and it's been regarded as the industry award. Over the past several months, we received many reader's feedback. Then we decided to create the epic list, the only list you'll ever need, using data collection process as below,

- We search extensively using a standard Google search to find blogs in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.

- The previous listing focused heavily on blogs about general supply chain concept and ERP blogs. Now we are expanding our search to cover broader topics under the supply chain management, such as WMS, TQM, Lean, 3PL, customs clearance, optimization, e-commerce order fulfillment, material handling, procurement, continuous improvement, business process management, bar-code/rfid and so on.

- We also search for top blogs from company listings, blog listings, blogrolls, influencer discovery tools over the 3-month period.

- Then, we determine if a particular blog meets the basic quality guideline. Is a blog run by real people, business or organization? Is a blog maintained on a regular basis (texts and images are displayed properly, good navigation menu, no annoying pop-ups)? The result of this is the list of 1,500 blogs. 

- After that, we make the first cut by evaluating each blog based on overall quality and timeliness of information, a number of social followers, feed subscribers and social sharing.

- Finally, we make the final cut by considering how long each blog has been disseminated knowledge (the list is expanded from 50 entries to 100 entries in line with other industry awards).

The Results
We identify top blogs that we highly recommend to our readers which we call "SCM Global 100" and the list is sorted by URL as below (the list takes seconds to load and please click “Read next page” to expand the list),

About the Editor

Ben Benjabutr is the editor of SupplyChainOpz. He holds an M.Sc. in Logistics Management with 10+ years of experience in various functions in supply chain magement. In his free time, he enjoys reading business and management books. You can learn more about him here or connect with him via TwitterQuora and Google+ or drop him a line via e-mail.