Supply Chain Power 50: Best Supply Chain Blogs of 2014

At the beginning of each year, many supply chain management and operations management blogs/sites publish articles about their most popular content of the year or make predictions for things that might happen in the coming year. For SupplyChainOpz, we will do something a bit different, we will uncover the most outstanding supply chain blogs and their contents.

Since we live in an era that which instant communications via the Internet are readily available, information is considered a strategic business asset. Then, blogging and web content have become the primary source of business ideas for many working professionals. Blogging also allows both business people and educators to reflect and stimulate opinions.

However, there is so much blog content out there and people may find it difficult to identify the information that they can trust. The goal of this article is to,

- Introduce readers to blogs/sites that provide high-quality and timely information about supply chain management

- Showcase great content of these blogs/sites

- The end result is the rankings of the best supply chain blogs of 2014 or "Supply Chain Power 50"

Data Collection
We try to make the rankings as transparent as possible so the data collection process is presented as below,

- Find supply chain blogs and sites through Google Blog Search which results in a list of 1,000 blogs, all blogs are in the English language

- Each blog is reviewed and the whole list is narrowed down to potential 100 blogs

- The metric used to evaluate each blog is the social sharing which are available via

- From the below example, the name of each site is entered and the content with the highest social shares appears on the first listing

- The name of each blog is entered, the name of the best article together with total social shares are collected, and the same process is performed for all potential 100 blogs

- Each blog is then ranked by the number of social shares, only the results of the top 50 blogs are presented

- Only one blog from the same owner is presented

The results of "Supply Chain Power 50" are ranked in no particular order as below,

Remark: Since many blogs have discontinued content production, this partial list is kept for historical purpose only.

- Quintiq Blog by Quintiq

- Beyond B2B by SoftwareAG

- Supply Chain Newsletter by Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council

- The Network Effect by Beyond Supply Chains

- Supply Chain Blog by Kinexis

- Strategic Sourceror by Source One

- Tech Blob by AIMMS

- Manufacturing Transformation Blog by Apriso

- Supply Chain at MIT by MIT

- SJF Blog by SFJ

- Ultriva Blog by Ultriva

- Insights by Profit Point

- Supply Chain Blog by Enchange

- Universal Cargo Blog by Universal Cargo

- Shipping and Freight Resources by Hariesh Manaadiar

- Supply Chain Blog by The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

- by Per Olof Arnäs

Some Observations
Blogs included in Supply Chain Power 50 are from 3 regions, namely, North America, Europe, and Asia/Australia but they are mainly from the United States.

The majority of sites are corporate blogs followed by blogs of major industry publications, personal blogs, and educational blog.

Types of content are ranging from opinion pieces, news, tips, case studies, graphics content, and guides.

It's also interesting to see that many newly established sites (less than 3 years) are now democratizing supply chain blogging.

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Last review and update: July 5, 2022
About the Author and Editor:
Ben Benjabutr is the author and editor of Supply Chain Opz. He holds an M.Sc. in Logistics Management with 10+ years of experience. You can contact him via e-mail or Twitter.