7 Best Six Sigma Books Ever Written

Do you think six sigma concept is too hard to understand? We will rank books based on popularity and practicality then show you list of 7 best six sigma books.

Finding the Best Six Sigma Books

Since the inception of six sigma in the 1920s by Walter A. Shewhart, six sigma is thriving and has become the guide for business for quality improvement teams to improve process capability in the production and operations system and tools for improving quality in other fields such as customer service.

To survey the landscape of the books on six sigma, we search on various lean manufacturing blogs, six sigma blogs, forums, and websites of experts in six sigma certifications. What we've found is that most book recommendations are done lightly. 

Ranking Factors of Six Sigma Books

In order to determine which books on six sigma should be recommended, we collect the name of the books from Amazon.com.  After, we rank books based on these criteria:

- Endorsements: we check books on six sigma if they got endorsements or positive reviews from international business leaders and six sigma gurus.

- WorldCat: WorldCat is the world's most comprehensive network of the library. When you access the WorldCat site, you can search for publications that you would like to read and it will show you how many copies are available and where the publications are stored. This data is interesting because we can learn how library staffs who are trained to spot, acquire and store quality contents choose the books.

- Google Scholar: Google scholar shows how many times each publication is cited by other scientific articles, trade publications, and related books (citation counts.) The books on six sigma with high citation counts mean it's widely accepted by peers.

- Amazon Reviews: the last factor is the "number of reviews written on Amazon.com". We know for the fact that business people buy books on Amazon.com then the number of positive reviews (3 stars or more) of every edition of a book will be used as the last factor. 

- Relevancy: The books dedicated to lean manufacturing concepts like value stream mapping, lean enterprise, lean analytics, and change management are removed from the list.

- Practicality: we make sure that the books on this list are not overly complicated for most people. we try to include books on six sigma based on target audiences, namely, beginners, executives, and analysts.

Finally, we combine the composite scores and rank books on six sigma by total score. 

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Best Six Sigma Books are as below:

Do you like the six sigma books on our list?


- Snee, R. D. (2004). Six–Sigma: the evolution of 100 years of business improvement methodology. International Journal of Six Sigma and Competitive Advantage, 1(1), 4-20.

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