7 Best Customer Service Books Ever Written

What is the best customer service book? We will show you the best customer service book that CEOs and leading customer service gurus want you to read.

Why customer service is more important now?
When we talk about customer service, people will usually think about the hotel and tourism business or banking business where products are less physically or tangible. However, customer service is actually a lifeline of any business, for example,

- In some industries such as steel, chemicals and other heavy industries, products are highly commoditized. Because the products have similar features and can be substituted by products from other companies easily. If you don't want to compete in the price war, outstanding customer service is the holy grail.

- In B2B (business-to-business) environment such as enterprise software, customer acquisition cost is extremely high. The reason is that the acquisition process is very long. In order to create awareness about your products, you have to hire public relations firm to promote your products, attend numerous trade shows and conferences, create many webinars so you can identify potential customers and approach them. What if you provide subpar customer service and customers run away? You start the whole customer acquisition process and cross your fingers.

- In virtually every company, you have to deal with other departments. Those people you are dealing with every day is actually your "internal customer". If a company doesn't run in sync, this might hurt the service you provide to your external customers. So internal customer service is also a very important concept.

Now you can see why we think customer service is the lifeline of business.

Need Customer Service Books?
What is the best customer service you'd recommend? One of our readers asked. We have some of our favorite customer service books we can recommend, but we would like to compare them with other top-notch books. So we decide to collect new data as below,

Customer Service Book Data Collection

- First, we gather the list of Amazon Top 100 Customer Service Books and remove duplicate items

- After that, we check each customer service book one by one if they got high customer ratings and/or get cited a lot by other books and publications

- Finally, we narrow down to top 7 customer service books by checking if each one of them got an endorsement from business leaders such as CEOs and Chairmen in service functions and service businesses

7 Best Customer Service Books Ever Written are as below:
In your opinion, what are your favorite customer service books and why?