Operations Management Heizer, Stevenson & Krajewski Compared

Operations management by Heizer vs Stevenson vs Krajewski, which one is the best? We will show you the best OM textbook that works for working professionals.

Is Operations Management Important?
From where we stand, operations management is the most practical subject you should study. We entered the business world with a liberal arts degree. With the help of operations management textbook, we can learn how the products and services are designed, produced and delivered to customers in a systematic manner. Moreover, many operations management tools are quite easy to use. We were able to slash new product development timing by 3 weeks by spending just 3 hours to learn more about project management concept. 

Which is the Best Operations Management Textbook?
There are at least 8 major OM textbooks on the market to choose from. However, we believe you should get only one that works for you.

In the following section, we will use 5 criteria to compare them and tell you which one is the best (in our opinion) at the end of the article.

Operations Management Heizer vs Stevenson vs Krajewski

Content Mapping
First, we try to determine how extensive each book is by mapping the contents. The results show that all 3 textbooks contain quite the same topics as below,

- Operations Strategy
- Project Management
- Product/Service Design
- Quality/Process/Maintenance Management
- Location/Layout Strategy
- Human Resource Management
- Supply Chain Management
- Inventory Management, Forecasting, Requirement Planning
- Lean Manufacturing
- Linear Programming (Transportation/Waiting-Line Model)
- Simulation

However, one textbook chooses not to cover about human resource management and work measurement, but focuses more extensively from supply chain management perspective.

Number of Case Studies
To bridge the gap between theories and real world practices, all 3 textbooks use case method to show learners how to apply difficult concept. We've found that there are many interesting case studies from some world leading companies as below,

- Nike
- Toy "R" Us
- Hewlett Packard
- L.L. Bean
- Nestle
- Dell Inc
- 3M
- Apple Inc
- Motorola
- Ford
- McDonald

Two textbooks utilize cases from Harvard Business Publishing which is regarded as the gold standard for case study. However, there is one textbook that uses case studies from lesser known companies.

Version History
Number of editions or version history indicates how well each textbook performs, the more edition/update the better. We've found that all 3 textbooks are updated every 2-3 years, so you don't have to worry if some concepts are obsolete.

Number of Copies in Libraries
Most textbooks will be purchased for libraries throughout the world. In this case, we track the number of copies in libraries via Worldcat.org. We've found that top performing books have copies in about 480 locations worldwide.

Sales Rank
Sales rank on Amazon.com is another indication that helps us determine how well each textbook is. Since there are at least 2 editions available for purchase concurrently, we pick the ranking of the best-selling edition.

After that, we compare all 5 criteria to determine the best operations management textbook for you.

And the best operations management textbook goes to:

Do you think operations management by Heizer and Render is the best?