7 Business Statistics Books Top CEOs Want You to Read

What is the best business statistics book in the age of big data? In this article, we will show you 7 business statistics books CEOs think you should read.

The Age of Statistical Thinking
Statistical thinking as in total quality management and six sigma has been around for quite some time. When more diverse sources of data and data volume are available more readily, many businesses find it overwhelming to make sense of these data.

In education sector, statistical thinking has become more important day by day. For example, scholastic aptitude test (SAT) has recently changed its test format by reducing the number of geometry related questions. Questions related to basic statistical analysis such as interpretation of charts and graphs have been increased drastically. Even in reading section, test takers are required to interpret data in the passage. The ultimate goal is to create new kind of workforce for the industries.

As a business person, are you ready to embrace statistical thinking more deeply?

Business Statistics Book Landscape
To provide business statistics book recommendation, we conduct a literature survey and find 7 categories of business statistics book as below,

- Risk Management
- Marketing Analytics
- Decision Analysis
- Visual Analytics
- Big Data Analytics
- Web Analytics
- Quality Management

As you can see, statistics has a very broad business application.

Then, we try to check if each business statistics book got positive reviews, endorsements, testimonials and so on from different data sources such as Amazon.com, GoodReads.com, LinkedIn.com, Quora.com, news sites and leading business blogs.

After that, we review each business statistics book one by one to ensure that it is practical enough for people from all experience levels.

Finally, we make a final cut of business statistics book.

Best Business Statistics Books are as below:
  1. How to Lie with Statistics , recommended by Bill Gates (Co-Founder and Former CEO of Microsoft)

  2. The Cartoon Introduction to Statistics , recommended by Sebastian Thrun (Founder and Former CEO of Udacity)

  3. Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data , recommended by Austan Goolsbee (Former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers)

  4. Data Smart: Using Data Science to Transform Information into Insight , recommended by Ben Chestnut (Founder & CEO of MailChimp)

  5. Keeping Up with the Quants: Your Guide to Understanding and Using Analytics , recommended by Jim Goodnight (Co-Founder and CEO of SAS)

  6. Good Charts: The HBR Guide to Making Smarter, More Persuasive Data Visualizations , recommended by Tim Brown (CEO of IDEO)

  7. Data-Driven Marketing: The 15 Metrics Everyone in Marketing Should Know , recommended by Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon.com)

Do you have a business statistics book you always keep within reach and want to recommend?