10 Best International Business Books Ever Written

International business book list covering international business books written by leading authors and books used in MBA programs that international CEOs read.

Why is International Business Important?
There are so many reasons why people would like to go overseas. A company may start small by trying to find overseas suppliers in order to reduce purchasing costs. When they can scale the volume, they may try to set up a manufacturing facility in the low-cost country. When they understand a country more thoroughly, the objective may be changed from the supply side to demand generation like establishing a distribution warehouse and distribution channel so they can attract overseas customers. No matter why you want to go overseas, you definitely need to see the big picture of international business which is always more complicated than what you've been doing at home.

Recently, we received an e-mail from a regular reader says "Now I'm in charge of buying and contract manufacturing of key raw materials but I'm quite new to this area. Can you recommend a good international business book or textbook?".

Searching for Best International Business Book
In the past, we made many book lists that get attention from both authors and publishers. We also have many international business books and textbooks in our own library. In order to provide a good recommendation, we conduct a short survey of international business books/textbooks and find that they are categorized as below,

- General international business book
- Global marketing
- International economics
- International finance
- International trade law
- Export and import

Then, we come up with a data collection plan as below,

international business book

- We visit the sites of leading MBA programs in international business around the world and check out which international business book and textbook are recommended. 

- After that, we compile a list of international business books and textbook written by leading book authors and researchers in international business which are available on Amazon.com. 

- Moreover, we take a look at leading international business textbooks in our library and find out what are some books recommended in “Further Reading Section”. 

- Then, we create a big list of international business books and try to find out if some of them got strong endorsements by business leaders such as Chief Executive Officer, President, Chairman and so on.

Do you have any other international business book or textbook you'd recommend?