7 Best Project Management Books Written by Project Gurus

What are best project management books to help you control project quality & time effectively? Here's the list of best project management books you can trust.

Why is Project Management Important?
Each year, Project Management Institute (PMI) asks project management people around the world to report their salary information including job title, industry, type of project and years of work experience. According to PMI President and CEO Mark A. Langley, PMP certified project managers earn 20% more than average.

Professor Patrick Penfield from Syracuse University said that many Fortune 500 companies are requesting that project managers have PMP certification. Because employers want assurances that project managers know what they are doing and this designation gives them that comfort level.

In Search of Best Project Management Books
Jeff Varney, Senior Adviser of American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) thinks that best project management books should be something simple. Because project management professionals want to make project management harder than it has to be.

In order to provide book recommendations and suggestions for our readers, we come up with a data collection plan so we can determine best project management books as described below,

Project Management Book Data Collection

- We search for best project management books on Amazon.com, Goodreads and LinkedIn to see who provides reviews, opinions, endorsements and what they say about a particular book

- We also send a media query to a service called "Help A Reporter Out". This service helps us connect with many project management experts and many of them provide very good recommendations for best project management books

- Lastly, we finalize the list by reviewing a book one by one based on overall quality

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