10 Best Inventory Management Books to Keep Within Reach

What inventory books can help you to cut inventory costs? In this article, we will show you 10 best inventory books that readers at all levels can learn from.

Inventory Management Basics
Many people think inventory management is a clerical task but they're absolutely wrong. Effective control of inventory requires a broad spectrum of knowledge. We've conducted a literature survey and found 10 types of inventory books as below,

- Basic Inventory Control: deals with basic knowledge of inventory management

- Inventory Accuracy: focuses on how to manage and reconcile the difference between inventory record in computer system and actual inventory in a warehouse

- Inventory Strategy: how to formulate a sound inventory management strategy that balances cost versus service level

- Material Management: how to manage inventory in manufacturing environment

- RFID: auto-id technology such as bar code and RFID has become an inventory management necessity

- Warehouse & Material Handling: the good flow of materials inside a warehouse is crucial for modern inventory management

- Warehouse Safety: this subject has become more and more important due to labor and regulatory issues

- Warehouse Design: a long term planning of material flow inside a warehouse

- Demand Management: focuses on demand forecasting of finished products and raw materials both in long term and short term

- Distribution Management: deals with the delivery of finished products inventory to end customers

In order to master the art of inventory management, there is a lot to learn.

Inventory Management Book Rankings
To provide readers with the list of the best inventory books that they can use to create positive change to their organizations, we've conducted a data collection as below,

- Firstly, we pull out the list of inventory books from Amazon.com to ensure that we get the best books in the market

- Secondly, we conduct citation analysis for each book. Citation count is a metric we use to separate great inventory books from their peers

- Lastly, we carefully examine each inventory book and make a final cut

What are some of your favorite inventory books? Do you have other titles you would like to share?