10 Greatest Procurement & Purchasing Books Ever Written

What are purchasing books essential for purchasing career? In this article, we will uncover the best purchasing books to help you get the edge over competition.

Purchasing is not a clerical work
Historically, purchasing people are considered a kind of clerical workers who are expected to perform basic tasks such as document issuance and price negotiation. However, modern purchasing and procurement has become a part of company's success.

In order to establish a good career path in this area, lifelong learning is a key and good purchasing books play the important role in your career advancement.

Purchasing Book Rankings
To come up with a list of top 10 purchasing books, we collect the names of books available on Amazon.com. After that, we collect 3 types of metrics of purchasing books as below,

purchasing and procurement book chart

- Citation counts: a basic bibliometric method showing how many times each purchasing book is cited by other publications. Citation counts indicate how well each purchasing book performs against its peers

- Worldcat: a new kind of bibliometric method showing how many copies are stored in various libraries around the world (info can be retrieved from Worldcat.com) Numbers of copies indicate how useful each book is (in the eye of library staffs)

- Amazon Customer Review: numbers of stars each book gets from the reviews available on Amazon.com. We use only positive reviews (3 stars or more) to evaluate a book

- Sales Rank: this metric illustrates how well each book performs in the eye of the end users (number close to 1 is better)

- Number of Pages: this metric shows how comprehensive each book is (the more is the better)

- Number of Editions: how many times each book gets revised during its lifetime. We believe only a good book get the revised edition(s)

- Recency: "time since the last update" indicates how "fresh" each book is. Of course, this metric will not be used in isolation. We will exclude a book from the list if it doesn't have a revised edition at all in the past 5 years (we assume this kind of book is "obsolete")

Finally, we compare metrics of each book and select the best purchasing books based on overall performance. In case the author produced more than one book, only the book with highest overall performance will be included.