Expert Advises How to Reduce LTL Freight Costs

Lowering transportation costs is the never ending task for many supply chain management professionals. In this guest commentary, Professor Bruce Ferrin from Western Michigan University is here to share some insights. He has extensive knowledge and experience in logistics & LTL (less-than-truckload) industry and today he will explain to you about 8 ways that you can use to trim LTL freight costs instantly.

Implementing RFID for Manufacturing Visibility: A Case Study

This article is a guest commentary from Prof Ming K Lim who is Head of Centre of Excellence for Supply Chain Improvement and Professor of Supply Chain and Logistics Operations at Derby Business School. He is a well-known expert in RFID technology and conducting research in this field, leveraging the capability of artificial intelligence, to improve and optimise logistics and supply chain operations to address various business challenges, such as low carbon agenda and complexity due to dynamic changes.

Expert Explains How to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

Over the years, supply chain professionals have been trying to improve supply chain efficiency so they can gain an edge over the competition. In this guest commentary, Thomas Roemer, Executive Director of the Leaders for Global Operations at MIT Sloan School of Management will show you where the problem lies and ways we can deal with this issue.