Recruiters Reveal How to Land Dream Supply Chain Jobs

According to O*NET OnLine, a supply chain manager earns $103,530 per year in average. Are you already on top of your game or there are something holding you back from reaching your fullest potential? This article will show you the best career advice from leading logistics and supply chain recruiters and career coaches.

Supply Chain Metrics To Avoid Before It's Too Late!

Supply Chain Metrics are one of the most important best practices in supply chain management because "You can't manage what you can't measure". However, under certain circumstances, metrics are not used or implemented properly. This article will explain to you 7 kind of supply chain metrics that you should pay special attention to.

10 CEOs Reveal Favorite Operations Management Book

Operations Management is a subject taught in business school anywhere in the world. However, classic textbooks seem to have the same teaching approach, content outline and even case studies. Then this article will show you what operations management really is, why it's important to supply chain professionals and 10 books that inspire some of the world's business leaders.